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UConn Is Having One Of The Most Dominant NCAA Tournament's We've Ever Seen And Now We Get The Title Game We Deserve

I don't mean to overreact to San Diego State making the title game. But it's more the idea of having this true underdog vs favorite storyline. David vs Goliath if you will. Look at those stats from UConn. Like I've said a bunch of times, UConn was the best team in the country for the first two months of the season. Then they got figured out a little bit during Big East play, matchups were weird, a variety of reasons they took the losses they did. Don't get me wrong, they 'deserved' a 4 seed even if they are better than a 4 seed. You don't get seeded based on talent, you get seeded based on resume. They had a 3 or 4 resume. 

But they are a dominant team. It showed again tonight against Miami. Sanogo was a monster and awesome. But it wasn't the starters that beat Miami. UConn held Miami off and then extended the lead to 13 in the first half with its bench. The second half they stopped another Miami run thanks to bench players. They did this with Jordan Hawkins eating toast and having a case of bubble guts. 

But the way the NCAA Tournament is set up there are 2 things we want the most for a title game. The two best teams or something like this. The favorite vs a heavy dog. Everyone thinks UConn is going to beat the shit out of San Diego State. I'm frankly leaning that way too. How can't you when you watch what UConn has done the last 2 weeks? Everything is working for them. Their defense is absurd. They challenged Miami at the rim on every layup. They knew how to handle that offense. Then UConn is shooting the hell out of the ball, even Sanogo is hitting threes tonight. You have the perfect mix of guys you can play through. 

And as much as it pains me because UConn has broken my heart more than anyone else. I have to give them credit. Their administration is basically the only one in the country so far to punt on football and focus on basketball. They got out of the American to get back in the Big East and it landed them Dan Hurley. Say what you want but UConn getting back to the Big East (or at least the plans laid out to) were massive in getting Hurley. That in turn led to this team. A team that's a somewhat heavy of a favorite to win a title. I'm a college basketball diehard, through and through, always will be. I love when colleges actually focus on basketball. 

Yeah, me personally? I want the best teams in the title game. We don't get that a lot. At least we get the underdog story of San Diego State. A team who won by 1 in both the Elite Eight and Final Four. A team who won on a buzzer beater tonight. A team who wants to make games as ugly as possible. That against a team going for its 5th title - no matter how weird the entire resume is of UConn in terms of either winning a title or being nothing (minus 2009). That's why this Tournament will always be fucking awesome.