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Miami's Nigel Pack Broke His Shoes And Doesn't Have Any Backup Pairs

They just showed this poor kid who had to run all over the place to find Nigel Pack shoes. For those who don't know Nigel Pack is one of Miami's best players and they really need him on the court. He has been on the bench for over 6 minutes because he doesn't have a backup pair of shoes. How does not one bench warmer have the same size shoe to give to him or how do you not have extra pairs of shoes!? Miami paid the most money in NIL this year to their players so how about we fucking give the guys more shoes! The weirdest shit happens in College Basketball and that is why it is the best.

This is the Final 4! How the fuck is this happening especially when I bet Miami ML. The first manager also grabbed the wrong size the first time how in the fuck does that ever happen. You have to remember one number you cannot drop the ball like that.