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Logan Paul Just Frog Splashed KSI Through A Table At WrestleMania!

Logan Paul just put on another phenomenal performance at WrestleMania against Seth Rollins (in what was only his fifth match ever - and third singles match) and even worked in a viral ad for his new sportsdrink PRIME in the process! 

Honestly, tho? It was so well executed and so "pro wrestling" that I'm not even mad about the shameless ad. 

From the second Logan Paul came out with THIS GUY....

….you just HAD to know something was up, and the KSI reveal was tremendous; his face poking out of the costume was a hilarious visual!

You know it'll go mega-viral with the youths, as well. The kids love KSI and Logan Paul. At least that's what I hear.

Anyway, the match got off the a great start immediately - with Logan looking as natural as anyone else at WrestleMania tonight, and the second this spot hit, everything kicked into high gear. They had that crowd biting hard on false finishes, chanting "THIS IS AWESOME" for the first time tonight, and EVERYONE was on their feet for the final five minutes. 

Rollins won with a Curb Stomp in a great finishing sequence and Logan rolled his PRIME bottle pal outta there. It's cliche but the sky is truly the limit with Logan. I was just texting with Brandon Walker and BFW thinks Paul could main event SummerSlam against Cody in August, and if built the right way, I could totally see that happening. 

So far WrestleMania is 3-for-3 and every match has been better than the last. Plus, Trish Stratus is in the ring now….