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The Reaction From This Bar Full Of FAU 'Fans' During The Buzzer Beater Is Beyond Pathetic

This is infuriating. I'm actually pissed off about this. Your team just lost on a buzzer beater in horrific fashion after blowing a massive lead. This is how you react? I said I have a soft spot for FAU, but that might just be for the team now. I mean one surrender cobra? No one crying? No one falling to the floor? What the fuck is wrong with you? Just because you go to school by a beach and get nice weather for 12 months and all these other pros does not let you get away with this. 

At least the people in the stadium tried to hold a girl's hand and get through it

At least one guy fell to the ground. This is how you should react. You got your heart ripped out of your chest. You don't get to just ask for another drink. Show some emotion! Be a fan! Usually a blog like this is reserved for talking about it looking like a snuff film. This is pathetic. 

Guy really couldn't find anything else to wear besides a Butler jersey huh?