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This Clip Of San Diego State's Student Section Losing Their Shit During Lamont Butler's Buzzer Beater Is Simply Awesome

Goddamnit this is awesome. There's nothing and I mean nothing like seeing your team win a massive game. The only thing that tops it is a moment like this. A moment where everything in the world stops except for one play. One shot. One kick. Whatever sport it might be. The moment you can see right here when the shot goes up: 

The moment your brain freezes. Is it going in? What the fuck are we doing? Is it ACTUALLY going in? Those are the three basic thoughts that cross your mind. Then it happens and you lose your shit. You go into a drunken haze for 2 days and no one blames you. 

Embrace it SDSU. You are playing for a national title. It might not sound right, but it's happening. I'm a sucker for fan shots. The true feelings of people living and dying with guys. What a shot. 

PS: Miami's reaction is hilarious too. Rather their lack of reaction. 'They won? Okay cool. We got 40 minutes to play, get off the court.'