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Goodbye Friends: Houston Should Keep Giving Jim Nantz A Standing Ovation During Every Single Game During His Last Final Four

Just a quick break from talking about the actual games. I want to address Jim Nantz. This is his last Final Four and it's in his city of Houston. I was curious how they'd handle this mostly because Jim Nantz is the voice of the Final Four for us. I'm 35 and I don't know this event without him. So, yeah, he matters to me. It doesn't matter what team or game in the Final Four, he's just the voice of it. 

Is it weird? Of course! He's not retiring. He's still calling golf and NFL. He's just leaving the Final Four and Ian Eagle is coming in to replace him. It's not necessarily a good bye tour, but it is for the sport I love more than any other. So, give him a standing ovation at all times. We already know the bros are hanging out in Houston all week together. 

There's just something about the Nantz voice. He has the big game sound. When I hear him talk I just know that it's a massive game. That's why I don't want him to leave. It's nothing against Ian Eagle, I just don't know anything different.