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Nate Diaz Was Close To Signing A Contract To Fight Logan Paul But Backed Out At The Last Minute

I don't care what you think about the Paul brothers because at the end of the day they are very good at selling fights. You have to respect how successful they are in that department. Logan Paul has never won a boxing match in his career, but he still sells and gets really good fights. Nate Diaz is a crazy person and when he sees everyone thinks he is a pussy he will take this fight. Everyone will talk shit about this and be like nobody is going to watch this, but they know what's going to happen. 

People love Nate Diaz and you will want to tune in for the chance of either one of them getting knocked the fuck out. Until the UFC blinks and starts paying their fighters more money, the Pauls are going to continue to run this shit and pay their guys 5x. Money talks. 

Logan's fights don't make much sense to me because he keeps going up in difficulty despite not winning. You have to respect him for not shying away from any of these big opponents. 

As an employee of Barstool though I think he should take a little bit of a pay cut and fight Bobby Lange or someone from Rough N Rowdy. We need to incorporate these celebrity boxers fighting against these West Virginia boxers who don't give a shit who they fight in that ring. Now that is pure entertainment. If we get the guy who fights in jeans coming straight from the coal mines to fight Logan Paul that's must watch television. A lot of people talk shit about influencers boxing but it's not like the the real boxing is producing must watch fights. Garcia vs Tank will be amazing but we haven't had must watch fight in professional boxing in awhile.