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Somehow Real: Rece Davis Couldn't Have Been More Confused As Carrot Top Delivered A Bizarre Final Four Interview On GameDay

Nothing screams the World Wide Leader like having Carrot Top to talk about FAU in the Final Four. Sure, Carrot Top went to FAU. But you're telling me there's not one other option? You HAD to know it was going to be this bizarre. I mean, shit, look at Carrot Top! I wouldn't have guessed that was Carrot Top considering this is how I will always know him as: 

Rick Diamond. Getty Images.

Poor Rece Davis though man. You know he wanted nothing to do with this. He may be used to Lee Corso, but this is him like doing a favor to be on college hoops. It's also one of the worst pregame shows. I'm not even saying that to be anti-ESPN. You just have a terrible mix of personalities, it's all forced, it's not natural like football.

But how did you expect Rece to act the moment Carrot Top started talking about hot plates and smoking weed? You can see the moment Rece realizes all hope is lost. It's this look right here: 

That's the man who has lost all control. He may have also questioned a fart here. But he lost all control one way or another. That's a man who wishes they just booked Lane Kiffin instead. Impressive all the way around.