Jake Paul Talks About His Experience Of Doing Ayahuasca With Aaron Rodgers And It Is Wild

I almost didn't write this blog because I didn't want to keep looking up how to spell ayahuasca every time I have to write it. Watching this clip really threw me for a loop because Jake Paul and Aaron Rodgers doing this together makes perfect sense but also makes no sense at all. Feel like those two would not get along whatsoever but they also would be the two people that made sense to be taking ayahuasca together. 

Now here is my confusion- Jake explains the drug is like a manual for your brain on what you need to do with your life and what you can do better...but I would think there is a zero percent chance anyone's brain manual would tell them to go to the Jets. You're telling me Rodgers took this drug that lets you see inside your own brain and the best his brain could come up with was "go play quarterback for the worst franchise in the NFL"???? There is just no way any brain has ever wanted to make that decision if it was up to them. 

For Jake, time will tell on whatever his brain manual told him to do, but I know we all hope it's not another shitty YouTube fight.

I feel like when people get rich they get bored and think what weird shit they can do to be different. If it really works I will take it back, but why can't they just sit in the shower and think like everyone else. It seems like what they are doing is a really expensive way to have deep shower thoughts.