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The Scene At O’Hare Last Night During The Tornado Warning Is Nightmare Fuel

Man this had to have been scary and claustrophobic as hell.

Whether you live here, or have traveled through Chicago, there’s a 99.9% chance you’ve been underground in that terminal connector tunnel that connects B and C for United. With the cool neon that runs up and down the tunnel, coinciding with that surprisingly awesome United theme music.

It’s normally calming and a nice distraction from the fact you have to walk 10 football fields to your gate.

Well not last night.

I can’t stand when a stranger stands on the step directly behind me on the escalator in normal conditions. I can’t imagine being crammed ass to ass like this in that bunker while the tornado sirens go off. That’s apocalyptic as it gets. Imagine getting on your plane after that?

You’ll be pondering the meaning of life and questioning everything that whole flight.

Giphy Images.

The central states got battered by tornados last night- Indiana, Arkansas, and Illinois and downtown Chicago was part of the area affected.

Around 8pm we got a really hard “micro burst” in the city that downed some trees, and threw some outdoor furniture around.


But nothing like what happened downstate in Belvidere.

Chicago Tribune - One person has died and nearly 30 were injured during a partial roof collapse at a theater near Rockford during a metal concert Friday night, officials said.

Belvidere police responded to The Apollo Theatre, 104 N. State St., when the collapse occurred, police Chief Shane Woody said during a late Friday news conference. At least 28 people were injured.

Approximately 260 concertgoers, staffers and performers were inside the theater, and people were injured in multiple locations, said Shawn Schadle, chief of the Belvidere Fire Department. There were no reports of unaccounted people as of 11 p.m., he said Friday.

This is just awful. People out enjoying themselves on a Friday night, listening to live music, and then their lives completely change. Hopefully everyone injured fully recovers quickly.

This is only 70 miles northwest of Chicago. We forget I think, because we’re in a major metropolitan but we live right in tornado alley. 

Thoughts and prayers to all affected and their loved ones.