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After Tweaking His Ankle Anthony Davis Said, "Call An Ambulance, Call An Ambulance…BUT NOT FOR ME"

Just kidding that stat isn't real. It's a Ballsack Sports special. But I know every LeBron hater will be saying, "RIGGED. THE NBA IS MAKING SURE HE'S IN THE PLAYOFFS."

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Or maybe Anthony Davis is just annihilating everyone in his path to the point where officiating hardly matters.

No but really. Every time Anthony Davis hits the deck and even shows the slightest wince of pain, I think I speak for most basketball purists when I say everyone holds their collective breath. Unless you're a shithead and root for injuries.

I mean that looks pretty bad, right? And look at the scoreboard. Every single game for the Lakers has massive playoff stakes from here on out.


The Anthony Davis of old might've mailed it in, played it safe, or simply not gritted his way through some physical pain. I'm telling you, this 2022-23 version of AD is built different. Instead of trudging along and becoming disengaged for the rest of the night, Davis took it upon himself to fuck the Minnesota Timberwolves up.

And hopefully you grasp the meme this blog is based on.

What Lakers guard D'Angelo Russell and both head coaches had to say about Davis afterwards was telling:


It's amazing. The Timberwolves traded many first-round picks, exchanged actual souls from the House of Hades and other untold compensation to pair Rudy Gobert with Karl-Anthony Towns. With that much star power and size in the frontcourt, you'd think Minnesota would have an answer for AD. Instead, they got big-boyed and shat upon by a guy who's supposed to be soft, I'm told.

Never thought I'd write multiple sentences in an NBA season with the implication being that Anthony Davis has evolved into a stone-cold killer. Everyone else has seen this, right? He's playing with a meaner, competitive and tougher streak than I've ever seen him play with before. The results have been expectedly dominant.

Thanks to this latest Lakers win, by the way, they've moved into the seventh seed in the Western Conference, with an outside chance to catch Golden State, avoid the play-in tournament and face the Sacramento Kings in the first round of the postseason. Wild what happens when you get Russell Westbrook out of the way.

Fear The Brow, y'all.

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