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Irina From Love Is Blind Proves That Love Is Not Blind

Irina from Love is Blind is a character that you love to hate. She's a very young 26 with the emotional maturity of a high school junior. When other women (who she is living with for 10 days in close quarters) experience heartbreak, she laughs at them while eavesdropping on their tears. When other women are being thoughtful and preparing cupcakes for the apple of their eye, she asks for a spare birthday candle. She is very simply only about Irina.

Love is Blind as a show has an endearing concept. Remove the superficial walls that society has put around us and get to know a person for only their true self, without seeing them face to face. Just getting to know them into between a wall through hours and hours of conversation over the course of 10 days. If people choose to advance, they propose to the person they want to be with. They then get four weeks to get acclimated to each other and plan a wedding. 

It's basically speed dating on crack but has an noble purpose. Most of the successful couples tend to be a little bit older than 26, but anything is possible! Especially if the 26 year old has a good head on their shoulders. Spoiler alert: Irina does not.

SPOILER ALERT FOR EPISODES 1-5 which premiered on March 24th

Irina has her sights set on a guy named Zack. A 32 year old criminal defense lawyer who has leaned his choices down to Irina and another woman, Bliss. Bliss is closer to Zack in age and definitely more mature than Irina. She seems to be a good fit with Zack, but Zack is attracted to the 'fire' that Irina brings. During one of the final days in the pods, Irina says that she doesn't care what Zack looks like, he can be short, tall, skinny, or fat, she just loves him for who he is on the inside. 

Things continued to go well to the point where Zack broke things off with Bliss and proposed to Irina which she said was the easiest yes of her life. Once the two people get engaged, they see each other the next day. I've seen every season of this show and a handful of couples typically make it to the part where they see each other face to face. It's always a hit. Everyone is relieved as they don't cast any real uggos on this show. So it's a nice surprise to see what your potential future spouse looks like.

So there are the normal introductions and then there is Zack and Irina's. Holy cow...

In her defense, I actually think Zack is as awkward in this meeting! It's horrific! Not even a good hug! Normally the couples go off to one of the sides and makeout and talk about what a crazy experiment they just took part in. This time they just couldn't stop insulting each other passive aggressively. There has never been a more clearly lack of a spark than between these two.

The next step is they go away for a week on a vacation to get to know each other better. The twist is that all the other couples that made it to the engaged phase are there too!

Zack and Irina's lack of chemistry carried over to the vacation where they slept on opposite sides of the bed and there relationship flamed out after a few days. At which point Zack calls it off and Irina opens up saying she wanted to leave him immediately after she saw him. 

WHAT THE FUCK GIRLFRIEND?! You're on a show called "Love Is Blind"! You quite literally signed up for this. But this guy you supposedly said was the easiest yes of your lift you want to drop him at first sight?! And Zack isn't Brad Pitt, but he's not ugly! 

The next five episodes of Season 4 dropped today and they're a must watch for me. Irina doesn't have a man in this anymore, but I have a feeling she's not done popping up in this season.