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The Barstool City Viceroy Program Is Here And We Want You

“Viceroy” the governor of a country or province who rules as the representative of a king 

Yup that’s it. That’s exactly what we’re looking for. City Viceroys. Somebody to rule a city in the name of the king. Or in other words, run our city accounts and post the best stuff that’s floating around the city on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, etc in the name of the Stool. We want somebody who knows what we’re all about and has their finger on the pulse of their city. Sports, food, nightlife, news, etc. Funny, controversial, whatever. For the younger viewers, you could earn college credit, as well as potential career growth, and the opportunity to make money via merchandising sales. Whether your vision for the future is to be with Barstool Sports or not, this is THE resume builder for the social media industry in 2023.

You want to work here someday? Here is your shot. The city program is your chance to show the folks at Barstool what you can do and if you kill it, you might get the call-up to the big leagues. You don’t even have to just be a social media whiz. We value unique talents (video editing, graphic design, etc.) just as much as anything else.

Atlanta, Seattle, LA, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Minneapolis, etc. We know the voice of each of these cities is out there and there is no reason it can’t be YOU. If you’re interested, email b.digiulio@barstoolsports.com with an explanation about why you should be a viceroy for your city and he’ll get you set up.