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To No One's Surprise, That Horrific Attack in a Restaurant Just Cost Willie McGinest His NFL Network Job

Christopher Polk. Getty Images.

It's been 10 weeks since that video was released of Willie McGinest (allegedly) and some of his associates brutally jumped and beat down a guy while he was sitting eating in an upscale LA restaurant:

Since then, he's been criminally charged with the assault. While not denying it, McGinest has cryptically sort of implied there's more to the story:

… like there's any Truth that will prevail in justifying beating the bag out of a severely outnumbered man in a place packed with diners trying to enjoy their Daring Plant Chicken Kebabs with roasted maitake mushroom and piquillo pepper for $32 without getting blood splatter all over their dish.

As you'd expect, the wheels of justice are moving slowly on this one. Not that it looks like a tough case for the crew at CSI: West Hollywood to crack. They've got the video. They've got no shortage of eyewitnesses who got a hell of an upclose view of the suspects. The main one of whom just happens to be a former USC star, a 1st round draft pick, the all time record holder for postseason sacks in a career, and a high profile TV job. 

Yeah, about that. The wheels of justice spin a lot slower than the wheels of television network public relations. And while it's taken this long, NFL Net finally did whatever the TV equivalent is of The Turk coming to say, "Coach wants to see you. Bring your playbook."


Source - The NFL Network is reportedly parting ways with Willie McGinest as he faces up to eight years in prison.

McGinest was hit with one count of assault with a deadly weapon and one count of assault by means of force likely to cause great bodily injury. …

The 51-year-old apologized for the incident shortly after in a lengthy Instagram post. 

"To my colleagues at the NFL Network and those that I work closely with as an advisor to professional and community-based organizations, please know I am embarrassed and regret what occurred.

"Most of all, I am disappointed in myself, as I know this is an isolated incident and is not reflective of my faith, role as a father, life’s body of work, or the role model I’ve worked hard to become. It is personally devastating that decades of community service, youth engagement, mentoring, and professional development would become an afterthought in a single moment that should never have happened.

"This incident has prompted me to deep self-reflection — mind, soul, and spirit. I know that violence is never the answer to such situations, no matter how intense the provocation. Rest assured, I will take whatever steps necessary to restore the public trust, mend damaged relationships, and ensure this never happens again." 

Nice try on that apology. But no matter how sincere it is - and I'd be a well below average Christian if I didn't accept it, humbly admit I too have done things I regret, and hope his prayerful reflection helps him become the man he wants to be  - it wasn't ever going to be enough. He might as well have saved himself the effort because no one could survive that video and still represent the NFL on their flagship media outlet. Well to be honest, Rich Eisen could. But nobody else. Eisen could crash the set of Good Morning Football and smash everyone's nose across their face with forearm smashes live on the air, and he's still hosting the Draft coverage in April. He's that good. Big Willie Style never stood a chance of keeping his job once that video was out there. 

Whatever the cause of this was, whatever prompted this fancy restaurant Blanket Party, I hope it was worth setting fire to sweet career McGinest could've had for another 20 years. Actually, that's just rhetoric. I do not hope that. I just hope that whatever cost him his livelihood and perhaps eight years of his freedom has him sorting his shit out. Be careful out there everybody. And don't forget to use your words.