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If You Call Anthony Rendon A "Bitch" During A Game He Will Find You And Take A Swing At You

Whoa....kinda a wild video of Anthony Rendon heading off the field last night in Oakland and grabbing an A's fan by his shirt and taking a swing. Sounds like the fan thought he was hot stuff and decided to mouth off to Rendon and the Angels. I get it, the A's came back and beat the Angels so the fans were probably feeling themselves. He spouted off and shocker....he clammed up when the athlete confronted him. Now of course Rendon could hear the guy, there were like 33 people there. Rendon seems like a very calm, collected guy. But I'm sure getting called names over and over get to you. I don't blame them, athletes get shit talked all day. I still wish athletes could go to random fan's jobs and yell at them while they're trying to figure out their pivot table, I bet they wouldn't like it so much. 

And how about the guy grabbing the dude and shoving him down to Rendon? The whole section probably hated this guy. The fan is lucky he didn't get smoked by that Rendon fist. Almost caught one in his face right in front of Ohtani. I also won't make the joke that it was surprising that Rendon swung and miss. I won't say that, he did have 2 strikeouts last night but I wont say it. This just falls into the category of "don't talk shit to athletes if you're going to clam up and act like a scared child when they approach you". Or just don't be a jerk, that always applies too. I'm sure the league will look into this but Anthony shouldn't get in trouble, he was just giving this punk a talking to. This guy is reallllly lucky he left the park with all his teeth still in his mouth.