Bert Kreischer Offered His Daughter 100K For Him To Keep A Joke About Her In His Special

Bert is the absolute best and I think he might be one of the funniest people out there. Sure it's embarrassing to have the world know your private conversations, but if I'm his daughter I take that 100k and run. 

I always wondered how some kids are with famous rich parents because a lot of them always say they want to be their own identity but actually use their parents money to start businesses or something. I think you just have to accept it, be proud of it, and take any free 100k anyone gives you. 

I feel like Bert lives life great where he hasn't grown up, but still is grown up enough to be a good dad and all that shit. He parties, spends money on ridiculous things, and makes a story out of it every time to just make more money. What a gig. 

I think I have heard every possible insult in my life at this point. I would absolutely love if someone offered me 100k to tell one joke about me. Go on Netflix and tell some jokes about me being bald or not liking me for whatever reason. I don't care go for it, it would be beautiful for 100k. 

I would love to know what the joke actually was because I am now just getting mad about her not taking it. The response of when you die I get all of your money anyway is fantastic by the way. Bert for sure bribes all of his kids to do things for him and that is exactly what he should be doing. He probably hasn't gotten up for a snack in 10 years which explains a lot, but you can't blame the man.