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I Am DYING To Put A "MUST LISTEN" Label On Eddy And Dante's Interview With Former IL Governor Rod Blagojevich


I really, REALLY want to pop a "MUST LISTEN" label on this interview. I'm not going to because I don't want to get internet bullied, but just know that I am telling every. single. person in my personal life to listen to this interview. Friends, family. I even made my dog Ace sit and listen to it with me. 

Like Eddie says ad nauseam throughout the interview, I have no idea if Blago did or didn't commit the crime. Like every American with any ounce of sanity, I'm conditioned to think every politician is full of complete shit. That said, I WANT to label this interview as must listen because of the following:

- It was hilarious. Blago truly had a few laugh out loud funny one liners and stories. He was also super self-deprecating, referring to himself by his inmate # throughout the interview. Here's one of his stories: 

It's a real life Steve Buscemi/ Billy Madison moment 

- He calls out politicians from all sides

- He walked into the office and handed me a bunch of autographed Mike Squires cards:

Sure, they were planted by someone. But it's funny nonetheless. IYKYK

- He liberally uses the "C" word, and everyone knows how much I love a good piece of cunt 

- He is convincing. I am trying my goddamn HARDEST to not believe him. I promise that. But he ended the interview with insane conviction. I fancy myself as someone who can read people's tone and body language when trying to decipher whether or not they're lying and I gotta say… he doesn't speak or act like someone who's lying. But then again… he was (is?) a politician. They're all elected, paid liars. So he's been coached up by the best of them.

Listen to the interview and get back to us. Let me know what you think. Am I crazy? Is he full of shit? Is he a product of "our" massively corrupt system because he wouldn't play "the game"? 

You decide. Regardless of what you believe after listening though, I promise this: you will enjoy the convo Ed, Dante and Rod had. It was funny, entertaining and interesting as all hell