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The Pitch Clock Is The Best Rule Change In The History of Sports

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Before we get going, I need to put some things out there on the table. For the last few years, I've barely watched any baseball. The TV rights and local market blackouts kill casual fans like myself. Even the Astros, which play three hours from my house, aren't on a majority of cable providers so I didn't really seek the games out. Sure, Id watch if the Padres were playing the Dodgers or if the Mets were playing the Braves but that's about it. Sunday night baseball and then I'm done. 

This year though. This year I am back in. I was texting with WhiteSox Dave last night after the Astros/Whitesox game and we were both on the same length. The pitch clock is the best rule change in the history of baseball. Going from 3.5 hours to 2.5 hours is a HUGE improvement. It felt like a soccer game speed which was mesmerizing. 

There were no huge gaps in the playtime and it felt that way too. One moment sticks out. I think it was in the top of the 8th.

The Sox hit a hard ground ball up the right field line and right through the legs of the 1st baseman. The ball went all the way to the wall where Kyle Tucker grabbed it, yeeted it to the cut-off man who then yeeted that fucker and tossed the man out at 3rd. It was for sure a bang-bang play. The ump called the runner out and the Sox challenged it. The review lasted about 45 seconds and then 30 seconds after that was the pitch. I was blown away. 

In years past, that situation would have taken roughly 17 years. The pitcher would have been grabbing on his nuts and shifting them around for a few minutes. The batter would remember that he didn't wipe between innings so he'd do a quick run for a quick clean-up at the bidet, and then the pitcher would need to call a timeout to call the manager over to see what he's been getting into and if he thoughts the Bachelor made the right choice. Spoiler: he didn't. But baseball did because we had the next pitch so damn fast. 

It wasn't just that way for that game. Every single game across the league was insanely shorter while still managing to have 27 outs for both sides. The same amount of baseball in two-thirds of the time. Look at these times from MLB.Com. 


I'll take that every single day. If you have baseball games lasting as long as soccer games, you'll be gaining more fans just like soccer has. The league that has been marked by persnickety old curmudgeons is finally realizing what people want. Baseball. Not the hat rubs, glove pops, dirt kicking, time out at home, the pitcher steps off the bump, and on and on and on. Anyway, I like this rule change a ton because the games don't go on and on and on. Bat flips to the moon and sub-three-hour games. That's the future of baseball and it's as bright as the sun.