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This Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant That Roasted Spirit For Being Cheap To Passengers Before A Flight Should Be Named CEO

I know some people don't like when flight attendants get on the mic and perform a bit. But I personally have no problem with it (provided said bit doesn't suck) because it slightly eases my fears about potentially crashing and dying in a tin can after plummeting 30,000 feet in the air.

However that's not the reason I love this video. I love this video because this lady tells it exactly like it is on Spirit, whether the passengers want to hear it or not. If you want anything that another airline may give you for free, you are going to pay for it. You know why? Because your ticket has a Spirit logo on it. If you want those fancy free ear plugs or paper thin blankets, you better fly the friendly skies with another airline. However if you want to save a buck while getting from Point A to Point B, Spirit is the airline for you. 

That's not to say that Spirit doesn't come with some perks. I honestly can't think of an airline that has a better selection of live in-flight entertainment based on the blogs written about them over the years.

I better not read a story next week about this being reprimanded for this video either. If anything, she should be applauded if not promoted to CEO for letting Spirit customers know exactly what they got themselves into before takeoff instead of after an entire flight since like is all about managing expectations. If you want free DirecTV, fly JetBlue. If you want free Biscoff cookies, fly Delta. And if you want free brawls taking place on your lap 5 miles above the ground like an aerial Rough N Rowdy for bargain basement prices since they don't offer anything else for free, fly Spirit.