Breaking News: Will Smith Joining Power Slap

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A Saturday shocker in Miami, Dana White has given Will Smith $50 million, plus 20% of pay-per-view sales to appear on Power Slap when it makes a live event this coming July. The press conference is scheduled for next week, but the story is buzzing all around Miami, where Will Smith is throwing back to Big Willie Style and Getting Jiggy With It. 

Power Slap is a new sport developed by UFC promoter Dana White, and it has gone viral with its one-slap knockouts. Airing on TBS following AEW, Power Slap has caught the attention of combat sports enthusiasts. Two competitors stand at a podium, taking turns delivering on slap across the face, while the other opponent has his hands behind his back. However, they can take the hit and stay on their feet and is usually the winner. 

Will Smith created controversy at last year's Oscars when he slapped Chris Rock, getting a ten-year suspension from the Academy Awards. Smith would later win Best Actor for his role in "King Richard." With his movie career in peril, he looks to parlay his slap into a big payday, while Power Slap looks for the big gate attraction. It is the perfect combination. 

Before each match involving Will Smith, his opponent must say, Jada Pinkett Smith. This will be so Will Smith can you his catchphrase, "get my wife's name, Out of your mouth." There are talks that Will Smith will debut in Miami, where the event will be shown live on yet to be named premium streaming service. Chris Rock is in talks to be the ring announcer.

Dana White also attempted to lure Tommy Pham, but upon watching his performance with the Mets, he determined that Pham was a sham and could not hit anything. 

This groundbreaking news could only be made on one day, and that day is today.