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You Can Draw A Line Of Chalk Around The Ivy League Because They Are Dead


Last year the Ivy League miraculously got 6 teams into the NCAA DI Men's Lacrosse Tournament. SIX! There are 18 teams that make the tournament, including the two play-in games. One third of the tournament were taken up by the nerds. There are only 7 teams in the conference for men's lacrosse, and 6 of them made the tournament. What's even crazier is that four of those teams were ranked heading into the tournament. Penn was the 3-seed, Yale at 4, Princeton at 5, Cornell at 7, and Brown at 8. Harvard was unseeded against #6 Rutgers.  

This year Penn has already lost to Duke, Penn State and Villanova. Yale just got their dicks kicked in two weeks in a row against Ivy League opponents, getting doubled up by Cornell and Princeton. Princeton is sub .500 right now with losses to Maryland, Georgetown and Rutgers. Their only non-conference wins are against Monmouth and Manhattan. Cornell actually looks solid this year so we'll cut them a break. Brown has lost 3 out of their last 4 games. And Harvard? Well Harvard just lost to the only Ivy League team that didn't make the tournament last year. Harvard just lost in overtime for what was Dartmouth's first Ivy League conference win since 2015. 

So yeah. About 10 months removed from having 85% of their conference making the NCAA tournament, the Ivy League looks shockingly pedestrian outside of Cornell. Always nice to see the nerds getting bullied. It makes me feel like nature might be healing. 

We talk about the death of the Ivy League, recap Connor Shellenberger and Virginia's dominant performance against Notre Dame, get into some segments, and preview this upcoming weekend of college lacrosse all on this week's episode of The Crease Dive. So give it a listen here before the games get going tonight at 5pm with Duke vs Virginia on ESPNU.


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