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Friday Fights: Nic Deslauriers, NHL's Baddest Man, Fights Two Dudes Right After Each Other

Andre Ringuette. Getty Images.

I'll tell ya what. Ryan Reynolds might be assembling a team to buy the Ottawa Senators right now, but Nic Deslauriers is the rightful owner after last night. You want the Sens so bad, Van Wilder? You have to go through Nicky Hammer Hands first. 

Now I know the Flyers really don't do anything well. They don't have any high end skill guys who are in the race for the Art Ross. They don't have any elite two-way defensemen who are in the mix for the Norris. Carter Hart isn't in the Vezina conversation. This is a team that, for the most part, lacks guys who are truly great at what they do. 

Besides Nicolas Deslauriers when it comes to caving opponent's faces in. Because there's nobody in the league better at doing that right now. He's the biggest, baddest dude in the league and the current #1 ranked Boogey Man. You see Nic Deslauriers drop his gloves, you know you're about to witness a murder. Austin Watson thought he had what it took to cheat death last night, but Deslauriers is inevitable and took him down with relative ease. 

Now most guys in the league aren't gutless enough to challenge a guy who just wrapped up a fight. And most guys who just wrapped up a fight are going to be too gassed to even entertain the idea of beating the shit out of another human in that moment. But Mark Kastelic is as gutless as they come, and Nic Deslauriers ain't most guys. So if Kastelic wants it, then Kastelic can get it too. 

God this guy is such a beauty. 

Two fighting majors and a game misconduct all in the same stoppage. Deslauriers racked up 20 penalty minutes last night with a 5:14 TOI. That has to be some sort of record. Again, just some clown show behavior from Mark Kastelic. But he should be thanking whatever god he believes in that the refs didn't let that one really get going. Because he may have lost some dignity out there, but at least he didn't lose his life. 

P.S. -- Spirited scrap here from a couple of good ol' American boys.