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The Oakland A’s Opening Day Crowd — With Shoehei Ohtani Pitching — Is Pathetic Even By Their Standards

I know this is what we have come to expect from the Oakland A’s. The team sucks, the owners suck and the stadium is a dilapidated stray cat sanctuary that MLB somehow allows a team to play in.

But even considering all that, this Opening Day crowd is sad. The best player in baseball was pitching and still barely enough people showed up to the Oakland Coliseum to make even just the lower bowl look respectable.

And this isn’t all the fans’ fault. The A’s are built to intentionally suck and heading out to a game at what I’ll generously refer to as Oakland’s ballpark certainly isn’t nearly as fun as it is almost anywhere else. I get that there aren’t a lot of incentives to show up right now.

The stands just can’t look like that on Opening Day, though.

It’s past time to put everyone out of their misery and move the A’s to Las Vegas. I feel for the people of Oakland, having lost the Raiders to Vegas already and then the Warriors to a shiny new arena across the Bay. But it just ain’t working out anymore.

This should have been the first franchise out of there, not the last.