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ALL-TIME JUJU TWIST: Someone Helped Get Jonathan The Husky (UConn's Mascot) A Flight To Houston, Will Now Be At The Final Four

Oh shit! I quite literally mean to yell as loud as possible here. Alert! Red alert! This is an all-time good juju twist. Jonathan the Husky found a flight to Houston. Remember, this was the story a couple days ago: 

Well, someone stepped up and got this beautiful beast to Houston. Sure, it makes me mad that it helps UConn. Sure, I really hate that UConn gets a cool ass dog for a mascot. But I'm too big of a dog guy to let that guy in the way here. Jonathan is as much of a reason for UConn being in the Final Four as anyone else on the roster. Everyone knows mascots are good juju and there's no better mascot than a real dog. 

Look how happy this dude is sitting on the airplane too. I'm sure someone bitched about the mascot on the plane because people live for that moment. There are very few guarantees in life but one is people complaining while flying. So between this and the lucky underwear for Danny Hurley, I don't like all this good juju on UConn. Thank God Rico decided to back them. 

PS: Not a chance in hell the NCAA helped out here. They probably told UConn to get rid of the dog and fuck off. No doubt in my mind the NCAA hates dogs.