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Have A Day Adley! Rutschman Makes History And Becomes The First Player Ever To Go 5 For 5 With At Least 4 RBI On Opening Day

I wish you all would listen to me. I've been trying to tell you all, he's the best. Like 16 hours ago I wrote that he'll probably be the best catcher in baseball by the time the blog was published, did I call it or did I call it? 

Adley had quite the day at the dish for the Birds in their cardiac 10-9 win over Boston. He's quite literally doing things that have never been done before. He also became the first catcher to have five hits on Opening Day since at least 1900. Insane.

Third pitch he saw, first swing he ever took on Opening Day found the seats. 1-0 lead like that. Smoked it. Kid has some ridiculous power. Most guys would be content with just a homer on Opening Day in Fenway, but no, Adley wasn't done. He'd tack on 4 more hits and a walk to finish 5/5 with a homer and a walk. Incredible day for Adley at the plate. On the base paths....that is another story.

We do have to work on the sliding. It's a work in progress and luckily no one got hurt. If anything it fired him up and that led to 3 more hits. Yeah he got thrown out at second, still counts as a hit though. Getting on base 6 times in a 3-game series is awesome, like really good. Adley did it 6 times today. The Sox had 10 hits, Adley had half of that himself. I wish you all would have listened to me. I really do. 

There are so many of these "Adley became the first player since _ to do " I can't keep up with them. What a historic day for 35. 5-5, a homer, a walk, 4 singles and 4 RBI. You're all in big trouble. 

Sorry Lamar, your time as king of Baltimore has come to an end. It's Adley's town now.