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Please Add Adley Rutschman's Scorpion Slide To The Book Of All-Time Funniest Slides

I can't stop watching this disaster of Adley Rutschman trying his best to just get the second base. Talk about doing something super cool like hitting a homerun on your first swing of the season to get the party started before absolutely shitting all over yourself with this catastrophe. If you ever wondered what you'd look like trying to slide into second in a major league game, Adley has you covered. But that's not the only thing he has covered. It started with the rare scorpion slide to Christian Arroyo's head and ended in a different kind of slide to a different Christian Arroyo head. 

Rutschman knew he was getting called out, but props to him for still finding a way to get to second base. This is easily an all-time slide fail to add to the list. I'll still select the first one from the compilation below if I had the #1 pick though. Easily the most relatable of the bunch.

Happy opening day everyone!

- Jeffro