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The Tampa Bay Rays Have Dethroned The Colts For Hanging The Most Pathetic Banner In Sports History

Big day for the Tampa Bay Rays today as they honored their historic 2022 team. 

Now you may be wondering for a second what the Rays accomplished last season since the Houston Astros were the team that came out of the AL and won the World Series. Maybe a regular season franchise win record? No. Perhaps a division title? Nope the Yankees beat them out by 13 games. Okay they won a playoff series, that has to be it. Weird thing to honor, but I suppose when you're a relative new team in the league that's what you do to fill up space. Oh they lost in the Wild Card round to the Guardians?

 That's what the Tampa Bay Rays commemorated before today's Opening Day game. A playoff series in which they were swept in and scored one total run. 

Before today I had two organizations firmly at the top of pathetic things to honor. The Colts infamous banner for making the AFC Championship Game…

And a recent addition of the Raiders having a picture of the Tuck Rule Game in their facility. As I hope many of you know, they did not win this game. 

I think the Rays honoring a team that scored one run in a Wild Series that they got swept in is the new rightful heir to the throne. Congratulations guys.