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Rule #1 Of Beer League Hockey: Never Be This Jabroni

The best ability you can have as a beer league hockey player is just to be a really good dude to hangout with. If you can put the puck in the back of the net, too, then that's an added bonus. But as long as you're a good locker room guy, you can play for any beer league team. 

Nobody should be playing beer league hockey because they're still chasing glory. There are no scouts in the barn. This isn't your big chance. You're playing because 1) you love the game, 2) you love being with the boys, and 3) it gives you a great excuse to get away from the wife and kids to drink 7 beers on a random Tuesday night. That's it. Beer league hockey scratches that competitive itch, for sure. But at the end of the day, it's about having a great time and tricking your brain into thinking you're back in your prime. 

Which is why pulling a stunt like this makes you the ultimate beer league jackass. As soon as you dump that bucket of pucks (sidenote: this must be a SERIOUS beer league team because every one I've ever been on has had like 3 or 4 pucks max for warmups), you immediately ruin the vibes. All those good times are swept away in a tsunami of awkward tension. You're also a massive asshole because now the game is going to take even longer. It didn't start until 10pm in the first place, so now you're definitely not getting home until well after midnight. Most of these guys have to be up at 4am for work the next morning, but you had to rob them of some precious sleep all because you had to throw a little tantrum. And lastly, now you put a target on your team's back. Maybe the rink cut you guys some slack because you paid all your dues on time and one of the guys used to date the owner of the rink's daughter in high school. All that goodwill is gone to shit because now you're the team who has the league asshole. Maybe they cut you some slack on those beers that you're not technically supposed to be allowed to drink in the locker room. Not anymore. All because you decided to be this beer league hardo.