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MTV Needs To Do The Right Thing And Bring Back 'Two-A-Days' With Rush Propst Reportedly Coaching Football In Alabama Again

[Source] - Ben Thomas of Alabama Media Group on Thursday reported Pell City is in the process of naming Propst head coach of the 6A program, with a Friday announcement possible. The Panthers went 1-10 overall and 0-6 in 6A Region 6 play in 2022, according to MaxPreps. Pell City is located east of Birmingham.

In January, Propst accepted a position as the associate head coach and athletics director at Coosa Christian in Gadsen, Ala.

The position was Propst's first within Alabama borders in 15 years, the end of a highly successful and controversial 9-year run at Hoover. After playing at Jacksonville State, Propst began coaching in 1989 at Ashville (Ala.), and later took jobs at Eufala, Alba and Alma Bryant.

This isn't so much about coach Rush Propst as it is about MTV. I was thinking about Two-A-Days while listening to the Dog Walk's TV draft: 

MTV is - I should say was - an important TV channel for anyone my age growing up. We had all the music videos, TRL was as heated as any debate possible and we had reality shows. Obviously you know I love The Challenge and Real World (RIPIP No Quitters). But, we also had Two-A-Days, arguably the greatest football show in TV history. I say this as someone who loves Friday Night Lights. 

Two-A-Days was awesome. 

Shit even recently Propst was coaching at Valdosta High School in Georgia and had a Netflix show called Titletown - it was fairly good. 

You might be shocked by Propst was fired from Valdosta


But look at MTV's schedule. It's basically nothing but Ridiculousness, The Challenge when it's on and some Jersey Shore. That's it. That's all MTV has. So why not clear out an extra hour per week. I'm pretty sure there's time. And give us back Two-A-Days. 

It's time to make MTV what it used to be. Shit bring back TRL. There's gotta be new music videos that we can argue about. The Challenge is still great. Just give us Two-A-Days. Propst taking over a shitty football team and everything he brings ahem with him? Yes.