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Anthony Richardson Launched A Ball At The Ceiling During His Pro Day So Everyone Remembers He Has A Cannon And Not That He Isn't Very Good

This is the most obvious stunt I've ever seen a player pull at a pro day. Anthony Richardson waited for his chance and then absolutely launched the football straight towards the ceiling of Florida's indoor facility. He had no intention of finding a receiver with that pass.

It's a shitty screenshot, but look at Richardson's head when he's loading up to throw. He's staring straight up.

But this is a brilliant move from Richardson. Teams seem willing to completely ignore the fact that he and Will Levis weren't actually good quarterbacks in college and only care about their arm strength. So fuck it, fling the ball at the ceiling and have all the scouts ooh and ahh.

It would stand to reason a quarterback with this level of supposedly insane skill and athleticism would have put up better numbers than 2,500 yards, 17 touchdowns and nine interceptions last season, but I guess he was just too talented for his teammates to keep up with him.

Credit where it's due, though, this was a big brain play. It's not going to help when Richardson is going up against NFL secondaries, but best of luck to him.