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Keith Tkachuk Proves Just Because Your Kids Are In The NHL Doesn't Mean You Can't Still Be A Pissed Off Hockey Dad, Rips Into "Soft" Panthers

Scott Rovak. Getty Images.

I'd imagine that for most parents, the job would be considered finished if your child achieves their dreams and makes it to the NHL. The rest would, as they say, be gravy. You'd obviously like to see them have both team and individual success once they got to that level, but your days of being a maniac hockey parent stressing over every game are over. You just get to sit back and relax at that point. 

Not Big Walt. He's not showing up to these games to watch some candy ass team get their shit shoved in on a nightly basis. I'm sure he enjoys the weather when he gets to visit Matthew for Florida Panthers games. But he'd rather spend his afternoon on the golf course getting that twilight rate than watch the baby shit soft Panthers give their season away. 

There are plenty of guys in that locker room who would probably have to tell their old man to shut up if he went on Canadian radio to basically call the team a bunch of pussies. But when your dad is Keith Tkachuk, the whole organization should probably listen. And it looks like head coach Paul Maurice took this as a green light to really lay into the boys on the bench. 

Pretty much every game from here on out is a must-win for the Cats. Paul Maurice can't allow these guys to just play like a "bunch of fuckin' bitches". Not when Big Walt is calling the team out for being soft. Not when Justin Bieber is in the barn looking to watch the Leafs rip the Panthers' hearts right out of their chest. 


7 games left in the season for Florida. You have to lay your nuts on the line every single night or else the season ends on April 13th. Did Keith Tkachuk save Florida's season by getting them to lock in for these last 2 weeks? You tell me. 

Panthers might just need to keep Keith Tkachuk on retainer if they need any motivational speeches between periods for the rest of the year.