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Good Juju Alert: Dan Hurley Has Lucky Red Cartoon Dragon Underwear, Already Packed Them For The Final Four

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

Does that look like the face of a man who wears fire-breathing dragon underwear? Yes. Yes that's exactly the face of one. You see here's the story:

[Post] - That would be Hurley’s lucky game-day underwear: red boxers emblazoned with cartoon dragons. He’s been wearing — and, don’t worry fans, washing — the same pair since the NCAA tournament kicked off earlier this month against Iona.

And he’ll be donning them again on Saturday night in Houston when the Huskies take on Miami in the Final Four. 

In fact, he’s not switching up any of the game day togs he’s worn throughout this year’s Big Dance, where his dominant Huskies have been tearing through the competition, advancing to the school’s sixth Final Four appearance — and Hurley’s first.

The Jersey City native will be keeping the style streak going, wearing the same navy suit, navy socks, checkered David Donohue dress shirt from Nordstrom and old Prada shoes he and his assistants Kimani Young and Luke Murray have dubbed “pittsnogles” because they’re beaten up. (It’s unclear if early aughts West Virginia star Kevin Pittsnogle provided any inspiration.)

Goddamnit. I hate how much I don't hate Danny Hurley. I want to hate him. I want to hate this UConn team. But I just can't. I'm a BIG lucky clothes guy. I was that way when I played, I'm that way now as a fan. It needs to be the same shirt now as a fan. Back when I played, yeah, boxers were the most important thing in the world. If you had a good game and won while wearing red dragon underwear, you keep wearing those bad boys. 

Even better here for Hurley though? His son bought him a portable washing machine: 

Hurley is so specific about his clothing, he travels to tournaments with a portable washing machine — a Christmas gift from their eldest son, Danny.

That's just a good son right there. Now if you're a Miami fan you know what you have to do right? You gotta go Celtic Pride and kidnap those red dragon boxers. I'm typically very anti touch another man's underwear, but this is the Final Four. You gotta do anything to support the team right? Well UConn is publicly saying red dragon underwear is the reason they are here. 

Of course it's cartoon dragon underwear from Hurley too. That's the least shocking thing about this all. The man was destined to wear red cartoon dragon underwear. I'm a little shocked he willingly picked the color red though. Figured he was a blue guy being at UConn and all. 

The real question is, does this good juju outweigh the bad juju of leaving Jonathan the Husky home? 

It's up to Miami fans now though. Steal the underwear, win a Final Four game.