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Phil Hellmuth Just Hit A Walk-Off Straight Flush To Take Down A US Poker Open Title And Over $200,000


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Phil Hellmuth, man. According to the pros, to the best in the world, he does everything wrong at the poker table. The game is so advanced now, so full of braniacs who know if you're supposed to bet 31% of the pot on a AK3 board with QT, but 36% of the pot if the flop is AK5. They are robots, spending 40 hours a week in the lab, studying GTO play and crunching the solvers until their eyes bleed. And then there's Phil Hellmuth. What does he use? Well, he uses what he calls "white magic". Seriously. He does zero studying, his fundamentals have not changed in 30 years, and somehow he still finds ways to win major tournaments. Not to say the GTO players don't win, of course they win, and they win HUGE, like HUGE HUGE HUGE money, but Phil still competes in these tournaments and still wins. Tonight he added a US Poker Open title to his mantle by the way of, as the title said, a god damn walk-off straight flush.





It doesn't make sense and it will never make sense, but that's why Phil is Phil. He knows all the top successful pros are doing one thing and he's doing another and he doesn't care. The scary thing is this- if he spent any time really honing in the fundamentals that he is lacking, and mixed them with his natural poker skill, he could do even more damage. But there's also a chance it would fuck up his game that he has crafted so perfectly, so he doesn't, and I respect that. It'd be like telling a blogger to work on his grammar, that's not the point of being a blogger!

Time to work on my white magic for this Summer. Hope I play at a table with him, I will give him a nice slowroll so I can be on the other side of a Hellmuth rant, that is my promise to you.