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The MVP Race Is Back On After Joel Embiid Magically Healed From His Injury Immediately After Sitting Against The Nuggets

Kate Frese. Getty Images.

And just like that, the MVP race is back on! 

Had Joel Embiid been seriously injured and forced to miss the last handful of games, you could probably kiss his MVP chances goodbye. For him to sit against Nikola Jokic meant he had to be seriously hurt I would imagine. A big game like that? With everything on the line? That's the type of statement opportunity every MVP case could use.

What we didn't consider though is that Embiid was going to see the LeBron James of calf doctors because, in a blink of an eye, he's back! Fully healthy and good to go against the Mavs in what is definitely a must win game for the Sixers who have currently lost 3 straight. Pretty interesting that it's the first game possible after the Nuggets game, so infer from that what you will. 

I would say this. If there is truly a concern over Embiid's calf injury, which is why they said he sat against Jokic, and the playoffs are most important, wouldn't you be extra cautious here? The Sixers are pretty much locked into the 3 seed barring something crazy, and it's not like the Mavs are playing all that well right now, so why not just play Harden? Give Embiid a week off or something before the big games against BOS/MIL on the horizon. 

Unless, that was all bullshit. If that's the case, woof. Tough look for a guy who is trying to win MVP. Or maybe you think there was drastic improvement in 24 hours. I suppose we can't rule that out.

I'm just happy our MVP race is back. With 6-7 games to go for the top 3 guys, this thing still isn't fully settled yet in my opinion. That's what makes Embiid missing the Denver game so annoying. A great race like this that has been awesome all year should have an awesome ending. I hope we get it.