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Is Will Levis Too Jacked And Too Weird To Be A Top NFL QB?

Will Levis has been a highly touted draft prospect in this year's QB class. Been hearing tons of buzz about the guy ever since he got the start for Kentucky, and though their record might not reflect it, people are still seeing a lot of potential. His recent 3-month transformation is getting traction because from the looks of it he put on a good clean 5 lbs of muscle, it doesn't look unnatural by any means from a PED perspective, but many are just like this dude is too jacked to be a QB. This reminded me of a classic Jon Gruden story told by Brady Quinn:

'What are you trying to do here man? ...' 

"'I don't want my quarterbacks to look like this! Then he flipped to a picture of JaMarcus Russell from the combine and told me, 'I don't want you to look like this either.'"

Eventually, Gruden told Quinn he wanted him to look like Browns quarterback Charlie Frye. According to Gruden, Frye looked like the type of guy you could "go and have a beer with." Oddly enough, Quinn replaced Frye when he was drafted by the Browns.

This tweet is also circulating (I don’t think this is a fake account, but it might be). That is saying he's doing weird shit in interviews. I am not sure what this all points to. I am now making the prediction he's either a savant that's the greatest QB of all time or a bust. 

The savant thing would be cool, but I wouldn't put the farm on it. The Guys got a cannon and battled through an SEC schedule. I also met him in person, and he seems pretty chill but didn't come prepared with a decent question to 1 question with a quarterback when he had a lot of time to prepare one question. He went after low-hanging fruit. I think this might reflect in his QB play when he has to improvise in the game, and he takes what he thinks is the easy option but isn't the best option to win. Just an isolated opinion. I am totally not biased that he got my bosses to say I was the worst on the podcast. I hope he goes the first round for his wallet's sake! Honestly, it would be hilarious if he was just fucking with teams he didn't really want to go to. 

I hope he comes on PMT to talk about if he was actually screwing with them. 

But honestly, I think the guy is going to be next level. He has too much arm talent and love for the game to not translate, idc what his College records say.