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INSANE Car Accident Which Resulted In One Car Going Airborne Doing A Full Flip

Before we really get into this, the report from the dude that posted the tweet was the driver of this car was able to walk away virtually unharmed.

I've been on the record not a fan of these types of trucks, called a Dually for awhile now. Way too many wheels, especially if you're just in the suburbs. If you have a truck like this there better be HUNDREDS of pounds of soil or something else heavy in the back of the truck.

Now the wild part about this is that the Dually's leftmost tire just kind of rolls off, which on a single, low traffic road could be harmless. But on a high speed highway with cars going 55+ miles per hour just feet away from you, this can be a deadly occurrence. And it nearly was for this Kia which goes around 10 feet in the air after it runs over this tire going full speed. This is just insane!

The stick isn't very smooth and it's a huge shock they driver is walking away unscathed.


To add insult to injury (hopefully not) the original tire makes it's way back to hit the car again!

Very thankful that everyone was alright, but this clearly could've been avoided if this non-commercial vehicle stuck to just four wheels! Stay safe out there my friends.