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The Liver King Can Kick Rocks... The "Testicle King" Is The New Sheriff In Town

Jeff Bottari. Getty Images.

The guy in the picture above is of a man named Brian Johnson. We all know him as the "Liver King". Over the years, the Liver King has risen to internet fame by stating his yoked up bod is au naturale. 

Giphy Images.

Dude was juiced out of his skull. That's fine, too; I have been on the record for years as being pro-steroids. If sticking a needle can guarantee you a big ass payday like it did/does with both athletes and the Liver King, then bombs away. 

Liver shmivver though. The Liver King was playing with monopoly money. A fraud. Liver didn't do SHIT for him other than help trick the internet into thinking it was the reason for his yoked up frame. I don't hate the player though, the dude (probably) (I'd assume) got paid for it. 

Time for him to step aside though. The TESTICLE KING is running these streets now: 

He doesn't just stop at juicy ol' nutsacks though. Anything and everything raw is just fine by him: 

 I mean how else do you get this picture perfect body? 

Just kidding. I'll stick to fried and Mexican food, thanks