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The New Normal: FAU Head Coach Dusty May Claims His Players Have Been Recruited By 'Third Parties' During NCAA Tournament Run

[Source] - "You're always concerned because they're getting recruited now," May said before FAU defeated Kansas State, 79-76.

"They've been recruited through this (NCAA) tournament. It's part of it. Our job as coaches is to do the best job we can every single minute of every single day to provide the environment that they think this is the best thing for them long-term. Not today, not in a week, not in a month but long-term."

Welcome to the new normal in college sports. Dusty May even acknowledged it's not just his team doing it but FAU is unique in the sense that they can bring back every single player from this run outside of Michael Forrest. They are young - mostly all sophomores - that have beaten high-major teams so far this Tournament. We know about the transfer portal. It's new recruiting. You don't just show up to an AAU event or showcase or high school game anymore.

And - to be fair - May acknowledges it's not other teams, more third parties. 

"I'm not accusing any coaches, it's usually a third party," he said. "There are middle men, third parties that have incentive to get kids in the portal and help them find another spot and then with the new rules who know what happens after that."

It's why those who are opposed to the portal claim it's free agency. You combine it with NIL and you can get some promises from people. But here's the thing. This isn't completely new. Things of this nature have been happening since the NCAA has been around. Shit just Google Sam Gilbert and John Wooden. Everything is now just talked about way more publicly and way more freely. 

I've said it before but I have no problem with the portal. If a kid thinks he can find a better spot somewhere by all means go ahead. You have 4 years to play college basketball and make the most of it. Whether it's the most NIL money, set yourself up with a basketball career professionally or whatever else, do whatever is best for you. It's what college is for. The portal is also why all 4 of these teams are currently here. You look at key players and guess what? Even for FAU it's portal based. 

I think this is a damn good statement from FAU: 

"We're loyal over here," Martin said. "We don't really let people tear us apart whether it's media or it's other teams trying to pull us away. We just trying to stay together and be a family."

Personally, I hope FAU runs it back next year. They're an awesome story. This no-name program running an entire team back from a Final Four? Yeah. Do that. I'm also not going to blame any player who decides to go to a high major if it's what's best for them. But if they bring everyone back outside of Forrest, you're looking at what? A preseason top-15 ranking or so? Pretty good for a mid-major! 

And real quick on NIL. Remember how everyone thought it would only benefit the best of the best? We have the most bizarre Final Four of all time. Sometimes shit just works out.