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Blac Chyna Deletes $240 MILLION DOLLAR OnlyFans Account, Calling It A "Dead End", Gets Baptized And Removes All Her Implants And Fillers

A wild come to Jesus moment! Internet influencer (I guess we can call her), Blac Chyna has deleted her OnlyFans to focus on setting a good example for her kids and leaving it in the rear view. In 2021, it was rumored she was making $240 million a year on OnlyFans and was the highest grossing creator on the platform charging $19.99 a month. I'll just say it, she probably wasn't making almost a fuckin quarter of a billion a year...but that said, she was making a lot. 

Good for her though. I mean she's trying to set a good example as her kids get older. I guess my question to Chyna is: do you know the internet is forever? The damage is done, no? But hey if she can change, so can all of us, so props.

She also was recently baptized in a heartwarming ceremony and did some cosmetic alterations to look more natural. Lucky for her she didn't have to go to Mexico! 

Let's compare before and after



I can see a huge difference! 

By the way… if you ever want a laugh sometime, she co-hosted a show on some network called Zeus where she tried to find her mom "Tokyo Toni" love. What a fuckin train wreck