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This Woman Turns The Poop Game On Its Head With A Desire for Fire When Things Are Dire

When I first saw this idea, I thought it was absolutely brilliant. As you know, I love to poop but, at my current house, I work in the third floor which is basically a wine cellar. Fancy I know. When I have to do some business, I have to trek all the way upstairs. I have to go up probably 11 stairs to get back into the house and, by that time, I'm smoked beyond belief and barely have the energy to release the remanence of the energy from my food. 

But, if I had a poop burner, I would be all set. Just place that bad boy in the corner and release the hound while I'm making some TikToks or something which now seems like a huge waste of time if it gets banned. Now, I don't need the mirror in my potty. The view is cool once but after that, you already know what you're doin and there's no reason to see it again. Learned that the hard way smh. Ain't nobody wanna see that. I'm also not a fan of using coffee filters to catch shit but that's something we can learn to deal with over time. I don't know the burn temp of kitty litter but it seems to me that kitty litter would create less of a splashback issue. I say all that knowing that this burn potty is most likely just a prototype. There will be more iterations that improve along the way. Make no mistake about that. We are just scratching the surface here. 

My biggest concern?

Fuckin cancer. 

Just months ago, the US government finally authorized the PACT Act which is for service members who were getting cancer and lung diseases at an alarming rate. The government committed tens of billions of dollars in order to provide the healthcare and entitlements that tens of thousands of veternas are entitled to as a result of their service. 

The primary cause of those illnesses? Burnin poop. 

There are certainly some major differences between deployment burn pits and one that is tucked neatly into the corner of your RV, namely diesel fuel and everything else that is possible to burn. Nevertheless, burning poop is basically burning poop no matter where you in the world. As they say, burning shit is the greatest equalizer on earth.  

I also dont understand how there is no smell. Raw chickens don't really smell. They smell more as they cook or get more burned. How is this basic principle of biology skirted by this innovative poop technology? It's impossible to know but I would sure as hell like to give it a try. 

"Hey babe, can you bring me a coffee filter? I need to let this river monster into the burn pit." Goodness gracious. Youd never sniff sex or poop again. Worth it? Maybe but absolutely not. It would be fun to say, "hey love. Turn the heater in the toilet up. Ive been clogged for a week and the train is finally ready to leave the station and is currently en route to burning man." Poop goofin. There's nothing like it.