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The Vegas Golden Knights Social Team Admit They Are First Team All-Pro Cowards

Ethan Miller. Getty Images.

There's a code. A set of unwritten rules to live by. Because these rules are unwritten, it's not necessarily illegal to break them. It's not like you get sent to jail or anything over it. But if you break the code? Everybody knows from that point moving forward that you are a gutless coward. You lack character, you lack honor, you lack integrity. 

One of those unwritten rules is that if you're going to be the social media manager for a sports team, you need to post the final score of the game regardless of the outcome. You don't get to just pick and choose. You can't just tweet out the final score when it's convenient for you. You run the socials, you post the score whether it's a big win, or your team gets their dicks kicked in. 

Speaking of teams getting their dicks kicked in, let's take a look at what went down in Vegas when the Edmonton Oilers walked into T-Mobile Arena and turned it into their personal fuck shack. 

5-point night for Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. 3 assists on the night for McDavid. Evander Kane notched career goal 300. And a 7-4 final for the Oilers. Let's check in with the Vegas social team…

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A team is only as strong as its weakest link. The Golden Knights might still be leading the Pacific Division. They might be able to lock up their spot in the playoffs by the end of the week. But this team screams early playoff exit to me. You could have the best coach in the world. You could have a roster filled with future Hall of Famers all up and down the top 9. You could have a great video coach. Some of the best concession stand workers in America. But if your social team is this gutless? If they don't have what it takes to battle through a little adversity? Then that's the identity the entire organization takes on. Fraudulent bozos. 

P.S. -- I'm willing to give them at least a little credit for linking the writeup with the final score in the headline. But this is still a coward's way out.