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Tough Life: Scott McTominay Scored 4 Goals This Past Week For Scotland, But His Girlfriend Is Clearly The Star In The Relationship

Now listen, I hate Manchester United, but credit where credits due. Scott McTominay had one hell of a week for Scotland in Euro 2024 qualifying. Dude scored 4 goals, 2 against Spain, 2 against Cyprus this past week. Not bad! I don't care who you play, not bad!*

*Except for Jordan Morris doing it in an MLS game. I can't keep seeing Jordan Morris make the USMNT roster over other guys. 

So here I was just reading up on Euro qualifying. Personally, I love when we get more international soccer. I don't care if it's Nations League, qualifying, whatever. Going right from the World Cup ending in December and rolling into this has been a delight. Euros, CONCACAF Nations League, whatever. I enjoy international soccer.

So here I was searching for stories to see what happened across the soccer world.

Then I saw this article: 

What a twist! McTominay had arguably his best individual week of international soccer. Considering he has 5 total goals for Scotland in 39 matches, I'd say 4 in 2 isn't too bad! But all I saw on every standard British website was talking about his girlfriend Cam Reading. 

Everyone say hi to Cam. 

Poor guy beat Spain 2-0 and everyone is talking about her Instagram story congratulating him. She's just hanging out on vacation, enjoying herself. Clearly that's the star of the relationship. If you're the headline over the guy scoring 2 goals, you win that argument. Then again, we know what pageviews do. 

Decent run for Scott though. Decent run indeed.