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Draymond Green Is Still A Bitch

Draymond Green playing dirty and taking cheap shots?!?!? It feels like a tale as old as time at this point. 

In tonight's Pelicans/Warriors 1st half, Draymond lowered his shoulder running squarely into Brandon Ingram and got a flagrant foul. Then he doubled down by basically kicking Herb Jones in the face after getting called for a charge.

He then proceeded to run his mouth to any and everyone after receiving his whopping 17th technical foul of the season. How exactly he did not get kicked out of this game I will never know.

The Warriors were trailing by 17 at the half. And as they always do, the Warriors came out insanely strong in the 3rd quarter and ended up even covering the (-8.5) point line on the Barstool Sportsbook. And Draymond had 12 assists after he should have been long gone from the game.

At what point is enough enough with him? Draymond has been the dirtiest player in the league for over a decade and yet he somehow gets away with it. He is worse than Dennis Rodman in his prime.

After the game, he said "The Pelicans Don't Have It." Well if the Pelicans ain't got it, at least the Barstool Store has a shirt perfect to celebrate Draymond's personality.