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Draymond Green Is Back Trying To Kick People, This Time He Goes For Herb Jones' Head

Nope, I'm pretty sure you can't do that on a basketball court. Normally you probably give the player the benefit of the doubt in a play like this, but when that player is Draymond Green, well let's just say we've seen this type of behavior a time or two or dozens. Frankly, I'm not sure how that isn't an automatic ejection? Not 30 seconds earlier we already had a Draymond Green dust up

which resulted in a double tech, and then on that play with Herb Jones. I'm sure that whole sequence was just a coincidence! This is where both green and Warriors fans will say this was just his body reacting to the fall. No fucking chance. Again, you can say that if this is the first or second time something like this has happened. Draymond Green is a habitual line stepper, especially when it comes to kicking opposing players/doing shady stuff. The dude loves kicking guys. Normally it's in the dick, but this time he went high. 

It is rather shocking how much officials let Draymond get away with, both in terms of plays like this and complaining. You could make the case they enable this type of behavior because clearly, Draymond feels like he can do whatever he wants and react however he wants. 

To make matters worse for Draymond, the Pelicans are whooping that ass at the moment. This Warriors team basically needs to win out or pretty close to it and has already lost 2 of 3 to the Pelicans so far this season. Perhaps the halftime adjustment should be more ways to figure out how to stop the Pelicans' offense, and fewer plays where you kick people in the head. Just an idea.

But hey, at least we'll get to hear all about this on Draymond's podcast! Forget holding him accountable in the actual games, it's all about the content baby!