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The NFL Will Never Be The Same Now That Players Are Allowed To Wear Number 0

You said it Slim Charles. Here I thought the biggest NFL story of the week would be where two former MVP QBs ended up. Instead it looks like the NFL owners decided to shake things up even more by allowing the greatest athletes on the planet to increase their Speed, Acceleration, and Agility ratings by allowing them to wear the number 0. Well at least most players.

As someone that has built his brand at Barstool and The Dozen around being a big boy, I find this display of fatism by the Philadelphia Eagles disgusting! There is no reason on the planet that the units battling in the trenches (where let's remember the games are won) shouldn't be allowed to wear zero. If anything, the linemen are the one group of football players that SHOULD be allowed to wear zero since their bodies most resemble a zero.

However it looks like we already having players calling dibs on the aught, with Calvin Ridley being the first player to officially change his number.


This honestly feels like cheating. How the hell are you supposed to stop someone with Calvin Ridley's ability while he is wearing a number as fast and slippery as 0 that doesn't involve a parlay?!?

Not only that, but we also have one of the biggest freaks of nature in football looking to shed his digits for the mythical powers of the goose egg.

God dammit. It was hard enough to block Micah Parsons when he wore 11, which was already a fast yet strong number. But throwing a 0 on those Cowboys jerseys feels like a cheat code.

I know I was behind changing the number rules in the NFL when it first happened because I thought it would be fun to see skill position players wear number 1 while also allowing college players to wear the numbers that brought them to glory instead of pinning an extra digit and weighing them down (which indisputably happened with Reggie Bush).

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But now that Operation Zero has happened it feels like we have reached a point of no return in the NFL and I am scared…at least until Wan'Dale Robinson starts wearing it and becomes an evolutionary Dante Hall, who honestly may have snapped 100 opposing ACLs if he wore 0.

Yes I know comparing anyone to Dante Hall is football blaspheme but I don't discount the power of the number 0 and I figured nobody would complain watching some of his highlights at the end of the blog.