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Dave Portnoy, Big Cat, & The Experts All In Action For Big Trivia Week || (The Dozen: Week 24 Preview & Rankings)

The Dozen Week 24 is here, and it is a big week where only Top 10 teams are playing. We got KFC vs. Dave, The Yak vs. Paddy the Baddy, and The Experts facing off against long-time rivals the Big Screamin’ Honkers in a Battle for the Crown.   

It’s going to be a fantastic week of trivia. Our correspondent Scoops L'Aguirre has the breakdown…


All-Star Week begins on April 3rd!



  • The Top 10 teams remain the same from last week, including Minihane and the Big Screamin’ Honkers maintaining their spots following wins.  

  • Flux’s loss drops them from #11 to #14. The Family actually moved up a spot after their loss and you have to think the heated exchange between Big Ev and Kirk likely got them some fan buzz.  

  • Chicago moves up from #18 to #16 after beating Foreplay.  

Now onto the Week 24 preview…


(4) The Yak
- 4-1-1 Record  
- 12.33 Points Per Game 
- 1.83 Steals Per Game 
- 83% Niche Success Rate  
-- Rone: 6.43 PPG 
-- Cheah: 6.36 PPG 
-- Big Cat: 4.95 PPG  

Yak Category Advantages: NFL, College Football, Music 

(7) The Baddies
- 4-1-0 Record  
- 13.80 Points Per Game 
- 3.20 Steals Per Game 
- 100% Niche Success Rate  
-- TJ: 5.90 PPG 
-- Blaise: 5.80 PPG 
-- Paddy: 5.60 PPG 

Baddies Category Advantages: Movies, Snacks & Candy, Geography 

We open the week with a powerhouse match between the Yak and The Baddies. The Yak held the Crown for most of Season 3, and The Baddies are currently the highest-scoring team in the league. Whoever wins this game will likely be in line for the next Crown challenge.   

Some big categories to watch out for: Rone and TJ are both excellent in Music, Cheah and Blaise are two of the best NBA minds, and Big Cat goes pound for pound with Paddy in food categories.


(1) The Experts
- 10-2-0 Record  
- 13.75 Points Per Game 
- 1.67 Steals Per Game 
- 100% Niche Success Rate  
-- Brandon: 6.67 PPG 
-- Fran: 6.33 PPG 
-- PFT: 6.14 PPG 

Experts Category Advantages: NFL, College Football, Television 

(6) Big Screamin Honkers
- 4-3-0 Record  
- 12.43 Points Per Game 
- 2.14 Steals Per Game 
- 71% Niche Success Rate  
- Robbie: 6.67 PPG 
- Gia: 6.58 PPG 
- Klemmer: 5.07 PPG 

Honkers Category Advantages: MLB, Movies, Music   

The Honkers are the hottest team in the league coming off three straight wins since the addition of Klemmer and Gia. Robbie Fox has been on a monster run as of late and is now a Top 5 scorer in the league. They went from potentially missing the tourney to now challenging for the Crown.   

Their work is cut out for them as The Experts are an absolute wagon, beating their opponents by an average of 3.75 ppg. It is not just that they are winning, The Experts are dominating the competition.   

Obviously, most of the attention in the match will be on the Mariano Bowl as the two sisters will each be Doubling Celebrity Mashup. 

2-ZITI vs. 10-urMOM

(2) Ziti
- 5-3-0 Record  
- 13.75 Points Per Game 
- 2.50 Steals Per Game 
- 50% Niche Success Rate  
-- Eddie: 7.27 PPG 
-- Clem: 7.21 PPG 
-- Dave: 4.15 PPG 

Ziti Category Advantages: Snacks & Candy, MLB, NBA 

(10) urMom
- 3-3-0 Record  
- 10.67 Points Per Game 
- 1.67 Steals Per Game 
- 83% Niche Success Rate  
- Rudy: 4.14 PPG 
- KFC: 3.87 PPG 
- Jack McCarthy: 3.64 PPG 

urMom Category Advantages: Celebrity Mashup, Movies, Music  

Our mid-week game is a Season 2 tournament rematch between Ziti and urMom. Their match last season was incredibly close and came down to two crucial moments: Clem’s last-minute “Sandies” pull and Rudy guessing “Meet the Klump’s” on a Doubled Movie question that Eddie then stole.  

Ziti has been on a roll since that game; meanwhile, urMom has had a weird Season 3. While urMom is always competitive, they could use a high-quality win to pad their resume going into the tournament,  

Food is the name of the game between these two teams, as KFC and Clem will have a good ol’ Snacking Off battle.


  • Chief wins his first Offensive Player of the Week of the season after a 9.67-point performance. While it has been a rough season for Chicago, Chief now ranks Top 5 in scoring.   

  • Defensive Player of the Week goes to Kirk; his Golf and NFL steals sealed the game for Team Minihane.   

  • Gia racks up another Rookie of the Week award as she remains a Top 10 scorer in the league.   

Enjoy the matches this week! Buy some merch…

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