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We've Reached The Ugly Part Of the Aaron Rodgers-Packers Divorce Where The Front Office Has Had Enough Of The Narrative The Star QB Has Created

It's March 28th, less than a month away from the NFL Draft and Aaron Rodgers still remains a Green Bay Packer. Now we all know that eventually this trade will get done (right?), but in the mean time it looks like we've entered the ugly part of the divorce where the Packers front office has had enough of the narrative Rodgers set when he went on McAfee's show to announce his intent to play for the Jets. 

By now you likely now that Rodgers said he was 90% retired when he entered the darkness retreat in Oregon. When he exited and checked his phone he claims he got word from people around the league that he trusted that the Packers had turned their backs on their QB and began shopping him without his knowing. 

Well, yesterday Packers GM Brian Gutekunst attempted to set the record straight. He claims the conversations they wanted to have with Aaron never happened despite their numerous attempts. 

Classic he said, she said going on here. That's to be expected if you've followed any sort of Rodgers vs. the Packers front office drama over the years. These two sides during the Gute era have quite literally never seen eye to eye. 

You can feel the passive aggressiveness through you screen, can't you? The Packers GM just could not help himself here. I will say, if there's a man you don't wanna dance with in a passive aggressive duel it's Rodgers. That motherfucker was born in that world. 

No way to truthfully know who is giving it to us straight, but Gute clearly has had enough of the bullshit. I get it all. The Packers front office has to be so frustrated with this bullshit over the years. Would it kill them to keep this quiet until the trade is done? Just wait a couple more weeks and then unleash all the built up vitriol you have inside you. 

Well, now that Gute took some digs yesterday, there's some more stuff leaking out. Take this one with a grain of salt. 

From what I gather LaFleur and Rodgers have always had a great relationship. The miscommunication with Gute I can easily buy, but this disconnect with Matt I don't think I can hop on board with. Gonna need to hear it from a better source than this, but it's making the rounds so I figured it was worth including in the blog. 

LaFleur was nothing but complimentary when asked about Aaron recently. Imagine he confirmed all that and went on a full tirade? 

Now is that the last of the "sources" coming out of Green Bay regarding Rodgers? Heavens no. I stress, please just wait until after the trade is done so it doesn't mess with any kind of compensation? For all I know Joe Douglas himself is leaking this shit to try and gain more leverage. Cease fire Joe! 

According to Charles Robinson the shape of the deal currently looks like a 2nd this year and a 2nd next year which could become a 1 if the Jets reach certain levels of success. The Jets want a little protection back in the event Rodgers walks away from the game after a year. Seems fair, but that appears to be the hold up. 

 A sticking point in the talks is the Jets seeking an element of protection built into the trade, specifically one that sends some 2025 draft compensation to New York from Green Bay if Rodgers does not play in 2024 and beyond.

It boils down to the Packers wanting “straight shot” draft picks without qualifiers, while the Jets want such high level of compensation to be based on 2023 team performance and Rodgers also playing for New York in 2024.

I'm so tired of this. Please just accept and move on.