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Miami Fans Gotta Stop Keeping 73-Year Old Jim Larranaga Awake Until 4am, Even If He's The People's Coach

Jim Larranaga is awesome. The dude is a finalist for the Hall of Fame for a reason and it's because he coaches his ass off. He's also a lifer, adapts to the times and can win over basically anyone. He's what you'd call the opposite of Jim Boeheim. But this? This is flat out rude by Miami fans.

I don't care if he just took your team to the Final Four. You gotta let the 73-year old man go home at 4am. Honestly him being awake at that time is far more impressive than taking Miami to the Final Four. Do you know how much effort it takes to be awake at 4am, especially if you're not going to pee? That's why most people are awake at that time. That or because a kid is crying. 

Larranaga though is the people's coach. He makes time for anyone. He even gets NIL and openly talks about it, correctly: 

Who wouldn't want to play for a guy that openly talks about helping you out? Remember this is a team where Nijel Pack apparently received an $800,000 NIL deal. Isaiah Wong reportedly demanded more or was going to transfer. Instead Larrnaga talks about how the two of them bonded instantly and now here they are starting in a Final Four together. 

The man is going to dance. He's going to pose for pictures. And he's going to win games. But for the love of God let the man go home at 4am.