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The Guardians Just Locked Up One Of The Best Young Players In Baseball And Reportedly Aren't Done

Nick Cammett. Getty Images.

Either Larry and Paul Dolan have been given access to David Blitzer's money early or someone hacked into their bank account. But instead of buying a bunch of random shit at Walmart like what usually happens when someone gets ahold of your bank card, these guys are on a shopping spree for the future of the franchise.

The Guardians locking up Andres Gimenez was not only smart but necessary. I'm as hard on the Dolans as anyone but after them getting Jose Ramirez to resign last year, getting Josh Bell in the offseason, and now this, it's becoming much harder to shit on them. 

And holy shit is this a team friendly deal. The trade off for pulling him out of three years of arbitration was a getting him well under market value. Major W for the Dolans here.

Symbolically and strategically Gimenez was a must have contract. His 7.4 WAR at 24 years old made it a necessity from a strategic perspective. The fact he was what they received in return for Francisco Lindor made it a necessity from a symbolic perspective. Coming out of that trade clean is huge in the fan base's eyes.

But the thing that makes me moist in my pants more than anything else is the fact they apparently aren't done. 


Give me all of them. Give me them now. Even Rosario who is the "old guy" (27) and probably the riskiest of the group because of his lack of consistency during his young career. I want his name in ink on a contract before Thursday night's first pitch. I'm going to be greedy while the Dolans are feeling generous.

There was magic in that clubhouse last year and when you capture magic you have to do everything possible to keep it rolling. I actually think Triston McKenzie could be the most important extension they can get done. I'm firmly in the camp with Carl and Phill that he will end up as the best pitcher in the division this year AND for the foreseeable future.  

Outside of Shane Bieber and McKenzie there are still some question marks with the Guards starting rotation although there shouldn't be. Cleveland might as well be a factory that pumps out Cy Young contenders. Keep and eye on Gavin Williams and Daniel Espino, whenever he gets back from his shoulder strain.

I don't know how many more years we have of Tito Francona at the helm and I want to maximize every single moment of them. He deserves a championship in Cleveland and ending the 75 year drought. It's the only fitting end to a slam dunk Hall of Fame career.