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James Blunt Got Yelled At By The Queen When His Horse Got Out Of Line During A Parade

Last month, I had the opportunity to speak with BUSH frontman Gavin Rossdale about the band's latest album, 'The Art of Survival' - and he honestly couldn't have been a cooler dude. I loved hearing about the evolution of his writing/recording process from his first records to the new ones, and really got to pick his brain on a scene/genre he's dominated for so long, but one story he told truly blew me away....

I asked Rossdale who the funniest musician/rockstar he's ever met was, and he let me know (pretty quickly) that title belongs be Mr. James Blunt.

Yes, that James Blunt.

Apparently, before his music career, James Blunt used to be in the Queen's Guard in England as a horseman; and there was once an incident where his horse got out of line in front of the Queen during a ceremony/parade, and she just straight up yelled at him.

Imagine how much it sucks to get yelled at by your boss - now imagine you're getting yelled at by the Queen of England in front of thousands of onlookers, and potentially millions watching around the world. Could that be the worst feeling EVER?! Imagine trying to focus and stay in line the rest of the parade after that? Mr "You're Beautiful" probably wanted to kill that horse in cold blood after it started freaking out in front of Lizzy. 

Hopefully one day I'll have the chance to interview him and ask about this.

Anyway, Gavin Rossdale was great and full of amazing stories like this one. Plus, never forget how much 'Glycerine' fucks….

Honestly, this whole album is tremendous to this day….

Give it a spin on this lazy Tuesday.